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Dan Bewley makes history at Warsaw – wins first-ever FIM SpeedwayGP Sprint race

Published On:: 2024/05/13

In a first-of-its-kind race for FIM Speedway Grand Prix, Warsaw’s PGE Narodowny hosted the inaugural Sprint race on the Friday leading in to the Orlean FIM Speedway GP of Poland - Warsaw, and it’d be Monster Energy’s Dan Bewley coming away with the historic victory on the night.

Bewley was joined on the point-scoring podium by Monster Energy’s Tai Woffinden who placed 3rd in the Sprint. For their efforts in the new Friday Sprint race format (which will also be held at the Cardiff, Wales, SGP), Bewley gained four FIM Speedway GP championship points while Woffinden earned two points.

Said Bewley, who passed Leon Madsen in spectacular style on the last lap of the Warsaw Sprint to take the win (via “It’s always nice to win and I actually though I was getting two points. Four points is good for me. The first round (Croatia) wasn’t brilliant, so it’s nice.”

Bewley continued, regarding the new Sprint race format: “It’s cool that they (FIM Speedway GP) are doing something new, but I’m a traditional guy. Some of these sports like MotoGP and Formula 1 do sprint races, but I like the long ones. But hey, I got four points, so it’s cool. It’s something new and it makes qualifying a little bit better for TV. There are two sides to it.”

Added Woffinden (to “I like the format. I think it’s cool. It’s something new for the fans and something interesting for them to tun into on Friday.”

In Saturday’s SGP main event at Warsaw, Bewley would make the semis, but that’s as far as he’d get, having to pack up with his Sprint race win for motivation for the series’ next round.

“Yeah, Round Two and the third time I’ve been here to Warsaw… first time with the roof open,” said Bewley. “Biggest crowd I’ve seen yet. I’m sure it was sold out. So it was awesome to just ride here. Knocking on the door for the final, and way better than the first round.”

Also making the semis at Warsaw for Monster Energy was the Croatia opener winner Jack Holder. “Yeah, (Warsaw) was nearly good to me. Obviously, I got the last one taken away from me. The same rider cost me a finals place. Is what it is. At least the pressure’s off me, I’m not leading any more. Look forward to the next one.”

Despite not making the finals at Warsaw, Holder still remains on the overall podium in the standings at 2nd place. 

Monster Energy results, Friday Sprint @ Warsaw                      

1st - Bewley
3rd - Woffinden                                                                         

Overall Season Standings

2nd - Holder (32 points)
5th - Lindgren (23 points)


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