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Oli Solberg X EA WRC

Published On:: 30/01/2024

Oliver Solberg Talks Rally Racing, Gaming, and how he slays the New EA Sports WRC Game.

Get an exclusive insight into the world of rally driving and gaming with 22-year-old rally driver and Monster Energy athlete, Oliver Solberg. Discover his biggest achievements, his thoughts on the new EA Sports WRC game, and how gaming fits into his training routine.

Oliver, congratulations on your impressive career so far. Can you tell us about your top three achievements? 
Winning on home turf in Rally Sweden in the World Championship is definitely one of my proudest achievements. It means a lot to me. Another proud moment was winning in ERC on home soil as well. However, the biggest and coolest thing I've done is participating in Gymkhana 10 with my hero Ken Block. It was a dream come true for me.

You mentioned earlier that you enjoy gaming. Would you consider yourself a gamer?
While I love playing games and having fun with my friends, I'm not a professional gamer. Gaming is more of a hobby for me, when I want to relax I usually turn to the sim.

Speaking of gaming, what are your thoughts on the new EA Sports WRC game?
I believe the new EA Sports WRC game is a significant step forward in the world of rally gaming. It has a solid foundation and provides a thrilling experience, especially when playing with friends. For a rally driver like me, it's a realistic game. It strikes a good balance between realism and arcade-style gameplay, making it accessible for both new and experienced gamers.


How close does the game's reaction and feel match that of real riding?
There will always be a difference between a virtual experience and the real sensation of driving a car, but the game developers have done a great job in capturing the essence of rally driving. Basic actions like throttle, brake, and steering feel responsive which adds to the realism. While it may not replicate every nuanced aspect, it's impressive how close it gets.

What about the sensitivity, car options, setup, and grip in the game?
The game offers a good balance in terms of grip levels, providing a relatively realistic experience. While there may be slightly more grip compared to real-life scenarios, it still offers a satisfying challenge. Additionally, the game allows players to make setup changes and adapt to different conditions, adding depth to the overall experience.

Are the game stages and tracks similar to their real-life counterparts?
One of the cool aspects of the game is that many of the stages resemble their real-life counterparts. Players can actually recognize and relate to these stages. There are also new rallies created specifically for the game, resulting in a captivating combination of different surfaces. Furthermore, every single rally from the World Championship is featured in the game, making it a comprehensive experience.


As a rally driver, do you have a favourite track in the game?
Personally, I love driving on snow, which is why Rally Sweden is a fun country to play on in the game. It accurately recreates the snow banks and snowy conditions, making it one of the best tracks for me.

Considering your talent, have you ever considered competing professionally in sim racing?
While I appreciate the talent and dedication required for professional sim racing, it's not something I see myself pursuing. I enjoy sim racing as a way to have fun with my friends, but I don't have the time or desire to take it to a professional level. I'm content with keeping it as a hobby.           

Does gaming in any way contribute to your training routine?
During my downtime, I do feel that gaming can help in certain aspects. It can improve reaction times, concentration, and help keep my senses sharp. While it may not directly impact my driving skills, it does contribute to overall mental agility, which is crucial in the world of rally racing.

Apart from rally games, are there any other games you enjoy playing?
I enjoy playing a variety of games. Currently, I've been playing Call of Duty Warfare, which was kindly provided by Monster. I gravitate towards war and shooting games because they not only offer reaction training but are also incredibly fun to play.

Check out the video below to witness the exciting race between Oliver and Petter Solberg on EA SPORTS WRC! Discover who emerges as the quicker driver đź‘€