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The 2024 ShootOut presented by Monster Energy

Published On:: 8/5/2024

We’re proud to announce the launch of the 2024 ShootOut Series, presented by Monster Energy, brought to you by Now Now Media in association with Ocean & Earth.

The global surfing event will run at a selection of the world’s best waves, where ShootOut organisers will hail the standout surfers during an epic swell and award them with US$10 000 in prize money. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro, underground local or travelling tube hound – if you’re there and sending it, you’re in the running.

The series follows on the back of the inaugural Skeleton Bay ShootOut, held at Skeleton Bay in Namibia last year, where surfers revelled in non-stop three-to-six-foot barrels at arguably the best wave in the world. 

ShootOut organisers will now follow a series of swells to some of the finest, most fearsome waves on the planet, where they will document the action and share the highlights and beatdowns as they unfold. At the end of each swell, the standout surfers will be awarded $US10 000 courtesy of Monster Energy, decided by a peer vote and ShootOut organisers on the ground. This will be followed by a full video wrap of the iconic session.

“We’re aiming to do three events this year and have our eye on a few locations in places like Indonesia, Mexico and Africa of course,” says Alan van Gysen of Now Now Media. “But that’s the beauty of the ShootOut – it can happen anywhere, anytime that a great swell hits. The waves we are targeting are all famous and attract the world’s best barrel riders whenever they light up, so we’re guaranteed to see some amazing surfing.”

ShootOut organisers will be announcing the event as it goes live on the day, and the public is invited to follow all the action on Now Now Media’s Instagram feed (@nownowmedia) and YouTube channel

“No-ones really knows when it will happen, it’ll just pop-up depending on the swell and whoever is there, is there,” says Eli Beukes, who put in a solid showing at the inaugural Skeleton Bay ShootOut. “It’s pretty cool because it’s kinda underground and anybody who sends it can win.”

Monster Energy is putting up $US5 000 for the Standout of the Swell each session, which will be awarded for a single standout wave, or to the surfer who was the standout of the swell. The standout local surfer will receive $US3 000, and a US$2 000 prize will be awarded for the Monster Moment, which can go to the person who sent it the hardest but came off second best; or any other standout moment from the swell. Ocean & Earth will also be showering the winners with core gear and accessories.

“There are so many dedicated locals and underground chargers who have these waves wired and put on a clinic when it’s firing, so it’s a nice way to give them some recognition. But it’s not really about money or prizes,” says van Gysen. “Anybody who gets a good wave out there is a winner at the end of the day. The Shootout is essentially a celebration of that.”

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates and coverage on the official ShootOut website: